My Writing Style.

Every time I come up with a new idea for a book, it is always based upon a life lesson or a life experience. I also like to incorporate real things and places that I have experienced to help tell the story. In addition, I love to incorporate real people into fictional characters but embellish the character in order to create an engaging story. When I read fiction, to me, it always seems as if fiction is based on truth. I believe that many times it is, and people find ways to share viewpoints of life experiences by mixing up characters, places and dialogue. It is great fun and a superb outlet for inner creativity.

Check out this ad by Hermes Paris. I love to look at this photo as it is a perfect example of advertising depicting more than one thing for more than one purpose. Brilliant creativity! For me, this is great inspiration. 🙂

Advice for Aspiring Writers.

Just write, write, write write.

I read an awesome book by Stephen King, called, On Writing. If there is one book you want to read about writing, this is it. He talks about practicing and simplicity and consistency. In order to write well, one must constantly write, learn how to craft a story and perfect grammar. This is also how you will find your voice.

I challenge everyone interested in writing to write daily, even if for 10-15 minutes – in order to form strong habits. As you write, you will see patterns and your passion will emerge in your writing – even if you don’t yet know what your passion is. When you write consistently, it will become easier and you will get good at it!

Most of all, enjoy the journey as it is a long one – especially if your goal is to self publish or to be traditionally published.

For me, the most inspiring time to write is when I wake up in the morning and my mind is free, or when I am traveling. Find your time and just do it…and never give up…

Best to you and your journey!

Writer’s Block.

There are many times when a writer just gets stuck. The best thing for me is to walk along nature and the beach, listen to music doing nothing else, watch a movie to become re-inspired by story, play with a child, or to chat with a long-time friend. It’s the simple things that get one’s mind off of a writing challenge that work best for me.

Truth in Fiction.

Many times, there is truth in fiction. All of us have a story to tell. It’s how we tell that story, how we embellish the truth to make it more interesting. Regardless, there are so many stories to tell every day, based upon our lives and what we witness. It is what makes writing so interesting. If we just listen every day, in the quietness of life, we will hear it and see it. There are interconnections everywhere. This is what makes great content…

Still Going…

After a long hiatus in promoting this book, I can say that this book is still going strong on Amazon!

When one has a passion, you keep going and going and never give up. This book is a true testament to interest when others keep reading it. Thank you to everyone who has bought this book, read it, and given me feedback!

The Other Side of Hello is still to come after many life roadtrips! I look forward to your perspectives on that book as well.

Best to you!

The Other Side of Hello.

Stay tuned for the prequel, The Other Side of Hello.  Here you will, yet again, immerse yourself into the world of Claire, and another intriguing character. You learned about her entangled life in The Other Side of Goodbye, and this book will give you the other side of Claire! I look forward to the day when I can bring this story to you soon…

Go For It. 

“No matter where you are at or where you are from, we all have it within us to create what we love. Find your comfort zone and go do it – before someone else beats you to it,” with love, from Paris. 😉

Think About It.

A wide view gives you a wider perspective. Take it all in. Let your mind roam. Be free with your thoughts – and see what happens…

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