Advice for Aspiring Writers.

Just write, write, write write.

I read an awesome book by Stephen King, called, On Writing. If there is one book you want to read about writing, this is it. He talks about practicing and simplicity and consistency. In order to write well, one must constantly write, learn how to craft a story and perfect grammar. This is also how you will find your voice.

I challenge everyone interested in writing to write daily, even if for 10-15 minutes – in order to form strong habits. As you write, you will see patterns and your passion will emerge in your writing – even if you don’t yet know what your passion is. When you write consistently, it will become easier and you will get good at it!

Most of all, enjoy the journey as it is a long one – especially if your goal is to self publish or to be traditionally published.

For me, the most inspiring time to write is when I wake up in the morning and my mind is free, or when I am traveling. Find your time and just do it…and never give up…

Best to you and your journey!

The Prequel.

Leave in three days for Costa Rica, and now have a plan for the main crux of my next story — the prequel to The Other Side of Goodbye.  I will be doing research for how the main character will discover something – on accident, in Costa Rica.

After throwing around ideas with my sister, she enlightened me on how I could possibly unveil a big secret that I have been stuck on for months.  She made it so easy, and now I am very excited to feature a major component of the book – from the depths of this beautiful country.

So exciting to incorporate special things from places I have traveled to.  I am now twice as eager to go and have additional great reasons to travel…to not only learn about countries like Costa Rica, but to blend unique aspects of each, into my writing.


Stay tuned for how this becomes…

My Dream.

Someone asked me the other day…if I could have one thing in relation to my writing, what would it be?  My answer: Spend one week with Stephen King and having him take me through the details in his book, On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft…and applying those learnings to my book.

I can only hope that my writing can be as engaging as his one day.

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