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A Moment of Solitude in Life…Writing.

Today is one of those rare days that I’ve had a few quiet moments to reflect during the day and write. It always seems too brief – I wish I could do it non-stop and someday might just decide to. ¬†For now, I’ll be foolish enough to try and pursue all dreams…

My most favorites?  Writing and understanding the world of cultures put before us on this earth.  The two best things I could think of, following the birth of a child.




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Saying Goodbye.


When you excitedly determine that you will have a pet in your life, you love them, care for them, coddle them Рand in return you receive that incomparable love.  They make us feel better, inspire us, and simply give us harmony and balance to all the chaos in our daily lives.

Then the time comes, one day, when they must move on from us and it is hard to separate from all the happy moments – like this morning, when I expected to see him standing next to me while washing dishes – patiently waiting for treats. ¬†But we will always have the memories that will continue to give us life. ¬†And for me…well, it’s inspiration. ¬†To write. To live, to continue on a path of joy.

I’m convinced that in it’s most simplest way, our animals are meant to keep us human.

Goodbye Mr. Dugis Ant-ny.  We will miss you always and no such kitten will ever replace you.




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Book Signing in May.


My first official book signing sends 2015 off to a great start!  I can only hope to continue to do more of these throughout the year, especially with the anticipation of the prequel due out before year end!  What a great experience to meet so many other community authors that have had such great success with their own books.

Thanks for all of your support. ūüôā

Book signing 5-3-15




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Life for Thought.

When they say fiction is based upon reality, no kidding! ¬†Every experience I am a part of, every conversation I have, every real story I hear about, is food for thought, turned ‘life for thought.’ ¬†It’s what makes life so interesting. ¬†You can take that perception and turn it into a story, embellish it and make it interesting movie stuff. ¬†It becomes visual and real and others can relate. ¬†You can even take a real-life bad situation and turn it into something for readers to relate to and learn from – and that is my favorite part about writing because it’s all ‘what ifs.’ ¬†It’s all really based upon factual situations. ¬†We writers just embellish them.


Life Interruption.

A 39-year-old cousin died recently…in his sleep. ¬†This life event threw off my writing and altered my life in unimaginable ways. ¬†Now, I can only learn from it and share those valuable lessons through my work. ¬†Perhaps my book prequel can reflect some of these life lessons and will become a stronger piece because of it. ¬†Therefore, this next book, The Other Side of Hello, will be dedicated to Ryan (Rory) Tracy. It is through his grace, honesty, and profound sense of humor, that this book will shine.

RIP Ryan…