Saying Goodbye.

When you excitedly determine that you will have a pet in your life, you love them, care for them, coddle them – and in return you receive that incomparable love.  They make us feel better, inspire us, and simply give us harmony and balance to all the chaos in our daily lives.

Then the time comes, one day, when they must move on from us and it is hard to separate from all the happy moments – like this morning, when I expected to see him standing next to me while washing dishes – patiently waiting for treats.  But we will always have the memories that will continue to give us life.  And for me…well, it’s inspiration.  To write. To live, to continue on a path of joy.

I’m convinced that in it’s most simplest way, our animals are meant to keep us human.

Goodbye Mr. Dugis Ant-ny.  We will miss you always and no such kitten will ever replace you.


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  1. Hi Jules, just saw this post about Dugie and my heart is filled with such thanks for taking such good care of him and loving him the way you all did. I remember the day you gave him a home and we will both share such great memories of him. I remember his Mom, my Nala, and the day he was born along with his sister, my Little One! And his other brothers. They made me smile every morning when they would peek out from my bed skirt every morning when I awoke. We will always share together a part of him.

    Miss you and can’t wait until book 2 is out. Sue Corso

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