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Costa Rican Inspiration.


If there is one place that you seek for tranquility when you write, this is it!  Take a look at where I wrote for weeks.  I was inspired every day and was able to get un-stuck in an important part of the next book.

Author: julesangelina912

First time author loving the idea of creating works of art that provide perspective on life's challenges.

2 thoughts on “Costa Rican Inspiration.

  1. Reblogged this on A Daring Adventure and commented:
    Uvita looks beautiful! I’d love to go there; have to see if I can squeeze it in.

    • It is definitely worth a trip! And keep in mind that it’s also kind of a ‘roughin’ it trip trekking up those mountains if you stay in a place up the mountains, but I do hope that someday you get the opportunity to see its beauty!

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